• Scope / conditions 

    The import provisions apply to animals of all “remaining” species, for the import of which no “own rules” are available at the site www.blv.admin.ch
    [eg. all terrestrial invertebrates (other than bees and bumble bees), and all animals living in an aquatic environment apart from marine mammals and those animals falling under the definition “aquatic animals”; the latter being fish belonging to the superclass Agnatha and to the classes Chondrichthyes, Sarcopterygii and Actinopterygii, aquatic molluscs belonging to the phylum Mollusca, and aquatic crustaceans belonging to the subphylum Crustacea]

    According to bilateral treaties, the rules governing exchanges between EU Member States and Switzerland are the same as for intracommunity movements. As there are no harmonized rules for this particular case, national regulations apply.

    Overarching protective measures 

    The protective measures in force on the day of import apply in all cases. 

    Health certificate / TRACES 

    Neither a TRACES-notification nor health certificates is required.

    Additional conditions 

    Certain animal species are additionally subject to species conservation regulations. Please check the conservation status in the CITES species list (see below “Further information”). 

    Inspection on entry into the country 

    Please note that it is not possible to import all categories of animals and goods into Switzerland at all border crossing points. Please contact the customs authorities for any questions regarding customs regulations and procedures.


    Where applicable, the relevant requirements from other sectors must be observed, e.g. protection of the environment and fauna, invasive exotic species, plant protection.